Day 18.2 – Driving into Rockies, Banff National Park – Lake Louise

Finally, we arrived at Lake Louise. Being may be the most famous attraction in the Rockies, it is a must-visit place for every tourists. Indeed, it is really beautiful. The lake itself is 2 km long, 0.5km wide, 90m deep, it is situated at the center of Banff National Park. Today, we arrived. Although it was nearly 7:30PM already, we still would like to drive here to look at it. We simply couldn’t wait anymore!

A little house with a picturesque gorgeous mountain background

Next to the lake was the Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise.

This is amazing!

IMG_5237 IMG_5242 IMG_5247 IMG_5256 IMG_5258

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise…Of course we were not staying here…It is freaking expensive!

But we could still went inside to see how gorgeous it is!

IMG_5263 IMG_5264
So, we drove back to the HI Lake Louise Hostel. I can tell it was a very good hostel which is perfectly situated next to Lake Louise (5-10 mins drive) and close to the supermarket (1min drive). We were staying here for 2 days.

We were staying in a 6-bed dorm. But no one is going to share with us! Fantastic!

There is one double bed on top.


Nice day! Can’t wait for tomorrow unexpected experience! Tell you guys a little secret, Lake Louise is not the most beautiful lake we saw in this trip. The most beautiful lake will be visited tomorrow. Stick to my blog and see!

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