Day 18.1 – Driving into Rockies, Banff National Park – Johnston Canyon

This is another starting point of our graduation trip! We came to the Toronto Pearson Airport quite early this morning (Again thanks uncle for driving us to the airport!). This morning we were going to fly from Toronto to Calgary, a trans-canada flight for more than 4 hours. I booked Westjet in several months in advance in order to get the cheapest ticket. The ticket is just 20XX per person, and it was proven to be a very reliable and comfortable journey!
Toronto - Calgary

See how lucky we were! I am sure it was the best economy seat in the plane!! WHAT a big legroom!

IMG_5151 IMG_5153

I am sure most HKers would not know about this airline. It is an airline based on Canada. Despite serving domestically, it has services on some international routes mainly between UK and Canada.

The very flat land of Central Canada.

We are very close to Calgary already! So excited!

Landing in Calgary Airport

After landing and went through the custom, we were extremely hungry and bought two hotdogs. Then we headed to National Rent Car to get our car for these five days adventure!

It was a very nice car. So luxury to have it driven for just two of us.

Banff National Park, We are coming!IMG_5169 IMG_5170

Banff National Park was just about 2 hours drive from Calgary. So normally Calgary will be the starting point for everyone to get into the Park. However, if you are coming from Vancouver, you may need to experience 12 hours driving to get to Banff…which I do not want.

The weather is perfect!

And the one did not drive enjoy the most!

The mountain appeared in our sight! Here is the Rockies!

Our first visit to the Rockies will be Johnston Canyon. There is a small carpark next to it. Quite difficult find without a GPS but should be ok for experienced traveler. It is along the Icefield Parkway about 30 mins drive from Lake Louise.

The most famous part of this canyon is the lower falls and the upper falls. The lower falls is at about 1 km from the carpark.

Beautiful sky!

The average depth of the Canyon is 30m

IMG_5191 IMG_5194 IMG_5199
It will be quite wet if it is raining. Luckily the weather today is so good.IMG_5201 IMG_5203 IMG_5206 IMG_5209 IMG_5210

After walking for around 30 mins, we arrived the Lower Falls.

Due to time limit, we did not go to the upper falls (having heard that the upper falls is not as attractive as the lower falls).

IMG_5221 IMG_5226

We then walked back to the car park. Drive my car to Lake Louise, where our hostel located! Famous Lake Louise, we are coming!

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