Day 16 – Niagara Falls,尼加拉瓜大瀑布一日遊

Finally our big day comes! Today is the day we are going to the famous Niagara Falls, one of the highlights of our 1 month grad trip! We got up very early and sits just outside my uncle home. What a sunny and wonderful day to the Niagara falls.

Holly’s Uncle drives us to the nearest metro station so that we can take the metro to the bus station to Niagara Falls.

Here is the bus station in Toronto.

I have purchased two return tickets in advance from megabus, at 10CAD per person! So cheap! And it left the bus station on time. After one hour and so, we arrived at the Niagara Fall bus station, which is unfortunately located quite far away from the falls itself. Normally people would take the bus to the falls, which cost about 2.5CAD. But as we have plenty of time, we decided to walk to the falls, which takes about 30 mins. The road is in very good condition!
Toronto - Niagara FallIMG_4654
What a long Trail – The Olympic Torch Tun Legacy Tail =.=

After walking for 30 mins, we arrived at the hotel near the falls. We went in to go to toilet and looked at those souvenirs.

Afterwards we walked along the river, heading directly to the Falls!

Niagara Falls consists of two falls, the American Falls, which is located in the America side, and the Horseshoe Falls, which is the most famous fall which has the horseshoe shape. You probably will see the American Falls first, which is the picture below.

You see within the American Falls actually there is a small 15m wide fall called the Bridal Veil Falls.

After passing the American Falls, you will find the Horseshoe Falls in front of you! I am getting so excited that I cant help taking photos at all times!


This is so beautiful and so good to be with Holly to see this famous falls!

Looking back.

We are getting closer and closer, and start to feel the water droplets hitting us!

The maid of the mist, that’s what we are going to do later!IMG_4710 IMG_4723

Right next to the Niagara Falls^^

The feeling is so strong! What happened if you fall off? There are several man who have fallen off the falls with injuries only. Isn’t it possible?IMG_4744

After visiting the falls, we went to the shopping mall right next to the falls to see some souvenirs. I like this so much! But it is so expensive…

Then we went to the Skylon Tower! It was built in 1964 and process the best aerial observation point of the Niagara Falls! A must go place.


You need to go a little bit upslope to reach the base of the tower

Below the tower…is a big game centre…a waste of space

Before you get to the top, you should get a voucher from anywhere to get the “save 2CAD coupon”. After using the coupon, the entrance fee will be about 12CAD. Or else, you can pay it online with a discount rate (but i do not recommend it as if the weather is bad you will not want to go up…). Ref:

It only takes 52 seconds to go up, and you can see the wonderful view at the top! Note: The photo below is not from a postcardXD!

This is amazing!IMG_4774 IMG_4776 IMG_4780

Panoramic View of Niagara Falls


After going to Skylon Tower, we went to another big touristy thing! The Maid of the Mist Boat Tour!!! Another MUST in the Niagara Falls! The ticket is very very expensive (16.5 CAD per person)…


So many people queuing! But actually it goes quite fast!

IMG_4812 IMG_4815 IMG_4817

This experience is so good!

Close look of the American Falls!

The Bridal Veil FallsIMG_4833 IMG_4841

And the Horseshoe Falls is coming! It was like raining like Black Rainstorm! Wow!!!!

Haha, wonderful moment!

And I can take nothing now…Totally wet!IMG_4857 IMG_4860

A quick glance of the falls~!

Finally, back to the reality…

This is the experience that everyone Niagara visitor should go!

Afterwards, we are leaving the Falls…and went to the inner part to have some sightseeing~

The town is like…America…like inside the DisneylandIMG_4902 IMG_4904

And again, I saw my favourite waterglobe!

The building is so funny~!

And tell all of you the best place of buying souvernir is actually located right inside the town far from the Falls…The souvenirs are so cheap and in good quality! Highly recommended!

After buying the souvenirs, we walked to the bus station slowly, and planned to have a dinner in one of the Chinese restaurants on the way. It was such a big meal even we ordered one set only, we cant finish all of it!


A once in a life experience today.

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