Day 15 – Ontario Science Centre and Casa Loma@Toronto

From now on I have to use English instead of Chinese…Because my blog get abandoned for nearly one month already and I want to update it as early as possible. My Chinese input speed is far too slow..I am sorry I have to use English from now on.

The first visit of Toronto is the Ontario Science Centre. Holly’s auntie also came with us. We bought the toronto city pass ( which includes five attractions in Toronto. It is very good (only 60USD) I think. As we will stay in Toronto for 3 days, we found this pass very worth buying!


Actually I quite like visiting science museum! There are so many interesting things to see.


The most interesting thing in this science centre we found was this machine. After taking photos by this machine, it will tell you how you might look at your 50s! Omg,  I hope i won’t be like that at that time (Probably will get fatterXD)

This science centre is quite big so i think we have spent more than 2 hours on it. So funny we see ducks at the front door!


The weather is so good! We took a bus to downtown to have a big lunch!

Getting in Toronto Downtown, with the first glance of CN Tower where we will visit the day after tomorrow.

This is the 15 day of our grad trip already, and we miss Chinese food every minutes. So we decided to go to china town to have some dim sum!


Toronto China Town is so big!!! I think it should be the biggest China Town in Canada…and we had these for our lunch, so satisfied!

This is like Hong Kong so much! Thanks Holly’s Auntie for paying us the meal!

The restaurant we had.

We walked along the China Town for a few minutes, and found our metro to the very famous Casa Loma later.

We took the metro dupont station, and walked for a few minutes to Casa Loma.

Casa Loma is actually a very beautiful castle and also was a residence of a noble living in Canada before.

As we got the city pass, this castle is included. Holly’s Auntie hasn’t got the pass, but she still managed to go inside!! So ging!

IMG_4545 IMG_4548

A very beautiful garden

IMG_4549 IMG_4550 IMG_4551 IMG_4557 IMG_4565 IMG_4583

From the window of the top floors of Casa Loma, you can view Toronto from the north.

The CN Tower

We had several shots of Casa Loma!

IMG_4615 IMG_4625

After visiting Casa Loma, there is a house called Spadina House that you may have missed. It is just next to Casa Loma. Well, honestly, this is just a house, and it worth only one photo for it…

OK, that’s the first day of Toronto! As we are so relaxed, we only managed to go to Casa Loma and Ontario Science Centre, as well as China Town today. We went back to Holly’s Auntie Home! And took some silly picturesXD

At night, they brought us to a local chinese restaurant to celebrate the happy father’s day! What a warm dinner we had enjoyed. Thanks for all!

After having the dinner for 2 hours, they drove us to the very famous supermarket to have some shopping.

A very nice day,,,and waiting for tomorrow so much! Because we are going to one of the three most famous waterfall in the world – Niagara Falls!

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