Day 4 – The last day in oslo, finally can escape from -1X degree!!

Aiya…I really have no time to type my journey in Chinese….But I still wanna write it down…so hope that you all are still willing to read it la~

The morning breakfast! It was really nice to have the breakfast included! Not because it makes us do not need to worry about it, but can be brought away for lunch too!! It saves a lot!

Our first site of visit: The city hall

The Nobel Price Center is just opposite to the City Hall! We went there to have a look, and found that it opened at 10. There was still 10 mins to go, so we just wandered around.

Just near the Nobel Price Center, there was a beautiful sunrise waiting for us! Although it was so coldddddddddddd to stand besides the sea, with the chilling wind…and freezing hands, it still worth it!

What a beautiful moisture just above the surface…

It was 10AM already actually =.=

Photos were forbidden inside the Nobel Prize Center…so i just took two inside..By the way, we were so lucky to visit on the last day for free!!XD

It memorised all the Nobel Prize for Peace winners here

Then, we walked to the Karl Johans Gate again. Is sitting on the icy chair comfortable? I have tried and my patpat is…

The Parliament

The Oslo Church

Siu Ying was posting her expensive postcards back to Hong Kong~~

DFDS, this will be the ferry we are going to take tonight to Copenhagen!

Our Lunch…stole from the breakfast~~

Then, we went to the palace to see the exchange of guards


Then, we went back to our hotel to take back our luggages…But found that there was still time, so we just add more sites to visit~

The Opera~~

What are these strong men doing!!?? Are they insane??? It was -16 degree”””

We all clapped our hand to show our gratitude to them

Inside the Opera

And finally…We went back to the hotel by bus to take our luggages. And had a photo with the beautiful reception lady~

With an awful snow walk….we finally arrived in the pier…really tired

We finally got inside the Cabin!!! Small but cozyXD

Of course, we should grasp the chance to walk around~

Including walking around the -1X degree place…

After an exhausted day, this is probably the best way to relax!!

So delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It costs 3XX HKD……but worth it!!

Sleep with the fullest stomachXD

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