Day 3 – Oslo (Museums + Sculpture park)

The start of the whole day in Oslo! Waiting for the bus 30 to Bygdoy~~


Fram Museet

The Fram~

It shows how difficult to survive in cold condition…

Then, we went to the Kon-Kiti museum

This man is wondering why the urine is not coming out?

The Viking ship museum, the biggest viking ship!

The Norsk Folke Museum, i think this museum is very worth seeing! Many special wooden houses~

Very beautiful wooden house with sunshine!

Then we went to the sculpture park~

Oslo is like a dead city here…may be too cold, or too lazy

Angry Siu YingXD

These two men were once wondering something important in their life…and finally became a statue..

The “Scream” is inside the National Museum~ It was so nice to take a look at this painting, which always can see in the HKU computer screen saverXD

At night, we went to the Holmenkollen

But we were unlucky…it was closed for the preparation of the 2011 winter olympic games…

But at least i got a photo with it!

The night scene in Oslo…Far less attractive than Bergen of course!

In the way back Hotel…there was some ice droplets in my scarf?!?! You can imagine how cold it is…..

Our lovely dinner!

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